A celebration for the ages

 The 150th anniversary of Topeka High School will be a yearlong celebration culminating with the ultimate homecoming in the fall of 2021.

All alumni and friends are invited to help plan and stage events. Already on the table are music and theater shows, a special Hall of Fame celebration and a laser light show for the finale.

But we need you.

We need your ideas for how you wish to celebrate. This isn’t a class reunion. It’s a chance to celebrate all aspects of this amazing high school, including academics, architecture and extracurricular activities, perhaps meet people who shared your love of theater, debate or football in other eras.

We need your time. It will take dozens of people to plan and execute the events, from composing a special number for a music event, to putting together a reception for Hall of Famers to preparing invitations and publicity for events. Greeters and guides will be in great demand.

And we need your money. Preparation includes creating written materials, securing venues and contacting alumni, just for starters. Funds for THS150 are being handled through the Topeka High School Historical Society. We suggest as a startup contribution you consider donating a dollar for each year you have been out of school.

Please join us in making this celebration worthy of the contributions Topeka High School and its thousands of alumni have made to their community, their state and the world.